Understanding the nature of liminal passages – their dynamics, the predictive states of emotional and social upheaval, and the potential for transformation and growth – is a distinct advantage for those who posses such knowledge. But how can we meditate on the thresholds and varied dimensions of our complex lives? I am pleased to suggest one resource entitled Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension.

This slender book provides seven metaphorical passages of life, crossing thresholds of the seen and unseen. It is meant to be read slowly, meditatively, even prayerfully. Six Doors was conceived and created by a trio, two remarkable persons of word and image working side-by-side with me: artist Jenny McGee and poet Genevieve Howard.

In this walk through a metaphorical house of life, each door represents another essential threshold. When fully realized they all combine to propel us beyond any boundary or threshold to the transcendent, unitary dimension of being.

You may obtain your copy for individual reflection or group discussion directly from the publisher, Wipf & Stock, or from Amazon.