Some twenty souls participated in the Liminality and Life retreat at the Kindred Collective, Columbia, Missouri, over the course of three February sessions. The presenter, Tim Carson, was joined by Victoria Day who led the group in somatic applications, and Tricia Dietrich, who guided the group through imagination and art.

The first section of the retreat focused on the archetypal model of the Rites of Passage and explored the variety of powerful thresholds, the nature of liminal reality, and how the great liminal passage may lead to a new stage of post-liminal life.

The second session was oriented to the inward passage, pilgrimage, the Grail myth, and the way that souls unfold as they discover hidden treasure as they cross thresholds to new spaces and ways of being.

The final session focused on the collective nature of passage, the need for communal support, and developing liminal leadership and presence in the midst of great transition, flux and chaos.

The attendees expressed future interest in exploring applications of liminality to therapeutic practice, liminality and literature, liminality and cinema, and special liminality focus areas.