The new anthology, The Liminal Loop: Astounding Stories of Discovery and Hope (The Lutterworth Press) is on the way! With a publication date during Fall 2021, this collection of eighteen international voices explores liminal reality through many perspectives, disciplines and contexts. It has been my pleasure to serve as its editor. You can expect to find:

Original liminal poetry from Carrie Newcomer;
What it’s like to hang on the side of a rock face, between heaven and earth, in a sea of rock;
the difference closed and open systems make in the liminal domain;
how events become liminal thresholds;
the liminal transformative spaces in the midst of chaos;
liminal intersections between cultures and how they can change us;
the way uncertainty drives us deeper to more trusting, even transcendent dimensions;
examples of social liminality stuck in place, ongoing, and indefinite;
how ritual takes the whole person through non-rational transitions;
extreme forms of liminality, such as pandemics and capital insurrections, and where to go next;
the ways that race may define and limit identity, creating a permanent liminal existence;
the repeating call to cast into the deep waters, leaving behind what has been outgrown;
pathways to healing through liminally-shaped therapies;
multifaceted artistic expressions and how they intersect with and inform liminal time and space.

Stay tuned for coming news of The Liminal Loop: Astounding Stories of Discovery and Hope!